July 25, 2017

Classroom Update with a Free Printout for Open House

STEM Station
Organization is the key in making STEM activities easier!

·      Students can get their materials and clean up when materials are clearly labeled and easy to access.
·      Key items to have in your STEM cart: cardboard paper rolls, marbles, paperclips, cups, tape, craft sticks, string, cotton balls, straws, rubber bands, toothpicks, ping pong balls, cards, index cards, pipe cleaners, balloons, modeling clay, spoons, & lids.
·      Check out the labels HERE!

Chalkboard Display boards: I don’t always like how my handwriting looks, so I print out quotes to display on the boards.  I glued a clothespin and ribbon to the boards to dress them up a little.  

Get Ready of Open House!
Click here for a FREE Printout!

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