May 25, 2017

5 End of the Year Activities

5 End of the Year Activities
      Wow! Another year is about to end.  I’m so tired, but I want to leave my students with activities they will remember.  It’s also important to keep students actively engaged until the end. So here is a few of my favorite “End of the Year Activities!” 

5. STEM Paper Airplane Challenge is a collection of activities where students create paper airplanes for different purposes.  Your students will love the last days of your class designing, creating, engineering, predicting, and testing their creations. Students will problem solve and think critically as they complete their airplane challenges.
4.Foil Academy Awards:  Students make tin foil awards and vote for their classmates for the awards.  Student Choice Awards!! So fun and the students love designing them.

3. End of the Year Memory Books:  A great keepsake for your students.  Students will love writing about all their experiences from the year.

2.  STEM Raft Challenge: Building a Raft is a STEM activity where students design, create, engineer, predict, and test their rafts. (This is a FREE Lesson)

1. WaterBottle Flipping: Students love to flip water bottles, so why not turn it into a lesson they won’t soon forget.  It’s a great outside activity that your students will love!

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