April 29, 2017

Fidget Spinners in the Classroom

Fidget Spinning in the Classroom
Making Mayhem Meaningful
Wow! Another new trend! Students spinning different kinds of spinners, and retailors marketing them for something that will help students focus.  I’m a teacher who has ADD so I fidgeted with everything as a student, and as an adult.  The key with fidgeting is to figure out how to do it without distracting others!  So, in my classroom my students can use theirs~ if they do it without distracting others.  If they’re waving it around showing everyone~ they’re not fidgeting they are distracting! Life Lesson!
Teachers whatever your stand on is with spinners in the classroom, KIDS are CRAZY about them! Knowing that, why not engage them in a lesson that your students will love!
Students are so excited about spinners~ take that excitement and let it boost their learning!
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STEM Fidget Spinner Challenges:
Making Observations~ What is happening with the spinner? Why does it work?  What is its weight and measurements?

Making a Fidget Spinners~ I have been wowed by the creativity that comes from students when they have the freedom to explore!

Pop lids
Rubber bands
Craft sticks
Skateboard bearings

Paper clips/binder clips

Collecting Data/ Finding Variable in Project:
Does it matter if you spin on the table or on your hand?

Teaching students how to test and answer their own questions is key in have them to think critically and problem solve. 

Students will start coming up with their own questions they want to test.  Whenever my students start their own wondering, I know they are learning and totally engaged!

In my classroom, I rotated my students through different stations to test the spinners.  This made it easier to manage.   I also used this as a great opportunity to revisit opinion writing. Amazon Prime was the easiest way to get the spinners and the fastest way too! 

I also teamed with Tied 2 Teaching would created a Close Reading Activity that goes great with this STEM activity! Click here to check it out!