March 12, 2017

Teaching STEM in Your Classroom Part 1

Teaching STEM in Your Classroom
STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are critical skills our students must have to be successful.   As teachers we don’t even know the jobs that will be available when our students are grown.  It is up to us to teach our students how to think “Out of the Box.”  This movie clip really spoke volumes to me when I saw it. (movie clip)  The scientist and engineers only had what was in the box to fix a problem.  Giving our students challenges like that daily or weekly in our classrooms will prepare them to think differently, to think creatively! It will also prepare our students to work in groups, to learn to compromise, and to learn how to communicate.  These are all skills that are essential in preparing our students for the future. 
Thats why as a fifth grade teacher, I incorporate STEM challenges into my classroom as often as possible! Teaching STEM is fun and engages my students in learning that will prepare them for the future. 

How to start integrate STEM into your classroom? 
Just know it doesn’t always look pretty.  Sometimes you have “JUNK’ everywhere.  During those times, I don’t post pictures to my Instagram page.   Teaching students to clean up after their project is over is also important.  Organization becomes key to clean up. 

How do I store my stuff so my students 
can access it when needed?  
I have found that an organizer works for your basics stuff.  I do have a plastic tub filled with extra stuff.  Students can rummage around in to find something if needed.  STEM teachers become collectors of “Junk”  saving paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, lids for containers, plastic bags, and much more. It's important to see what things can become through a child's eyes! Let your students explore, design, create, and have fun!!!! 

This is a great book that will promote one of my March STEM Projects! 

March 5, 2017

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