February 4, 2017

Valentine's Day in Upper Grades

Valentine’s Day Giveaway
       We love teachers! Thank you Kelie Hall, for inviting us and organizing our blog hop! I can't wait to see what everyone does for Valentine's Day! 
       Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite school holidays!  Yes, it can be a little challenging with all the excitement, but the key is to channel their energy into fun academic activities! Students can have fun and be learning important skills at the same time! 
       Valentine STEM Activities are a fun way to engage students in learning.  I love using Conversation Hearts! They are cheap! It’s way to easy to spend too much money in the classroom, so I try to find items that are easy to find and not too expensive.  Taking students through the Science Process while engaging them in fun Valentine’s Day Activities helps them stay excited while somewhat under control. 

        Another fun activity is Building Eiffel Towers! Students use newspaper to construct a statue similar to the Eiffel Tower.  Their towers must stand and resemble the Eiffel Tower.  I’m always amazed at how creative my students can be.  So fun! 
      I hope you are enjoying the Blog Hop and Giveaway! Don't forget to hop to the next blog and enter the Rafflecopter! 
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