November 16, 2016

Water Bottle Flipping in the Classroom

Water Bottle Flipping in the Classroom:

How this unit started
      I know you must think Flipping Water Bottles in Class is crazy! "Why in the world would a teacher purposely let her students flip water bottles in the class?" 
     Well, I didn’t start out thinking water bottle flipping would be a cool activity for the classroom.  The sound alone will drive you CRAZY! 
      It all started in the LUNCH ROOM! My students started getting in trouble flipping their water bottles, Gatorade Bottles, or anything else they thought they could flip.  One of my best friends happens to be on lunch duty. She started telling me about it and that she even had tried it.  What in the WORLD!!! She then said that she wanted to add it to our Wonder Lab Classroom as an activity!!  
     I started researching this FAD~ TREND ~ What ever you call it that would make WATER Bottle Flipping a fun thing to do.  Wow! Videos and articles galore! The more I read about how kids all over the country were spending lots of time trying different ways to flip bottles, the more I realize how much my kids would love doing it in class.  So what concepts could I teach through this engaging TREND?

Questions I started thinking about and discussing with my class: 
  • What makes a bottle flip better than another bottle? 
  • How much water do you put in a bottle?  
  • Should you stand or sit? 

  • Data Collection
  • Graphing
  • Opinion Writing
  • Experiments 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Measurements (Liters and Milliliters)
My students have loved experimenting with all the different experiments and coming up with their own experiements.  Students can make up their own questions and then design an experiment to test other their hypothesis! (all this while having fun and flipping bottles) 
Water Bottle Flipping Stem Activity  is an activity packet that will help your students experiment while having fun!! 

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  1. Wow! It's awesome in its simplicity. I definitely will give it a try with my class in June, when all the grades will have been given and motivation will hover around zero. Thanks for sharing it!