September 4, 2016

Labor Day Link Up and Sale

*I hope you all have had a great start to your school year! I can’t believe I just finished my third week!  Wow, time flies when your having fun. 

*As excited as I was for a three-day weekend, I’m even more excited to tell you about a linking up party that is going on!  A few AMAZING Teachers Pay Teachers authors this Labor Day are teaming up to bring you even MORE Back to Schoolbargains on your DAY OFF!  
Check out these Back to School Bargains to make Life EASIER, with a lot less Labor!! Happy Labor Day!  September 5th all our stores will be 20% off! One day only! 
Hop on over to Appletastic Learning-Blossoming in 5th Grade's blog and take a look at all of the teacher authors participating in our Labor Day Linky Party!

Here are a few of the products in my store that might save you time and "Laborless"!! 
Fluency Folders: Great for helping build fluency with struggling readers. 

Another Time Saver Product is my Math Wall Bundle.  Every Morning my students come into classroom knowing that their responsibility is to start on the math wall.  

September 3, 2016

Back to School~ Creating a Classroom Environment

Wow! Even though I have been so tired, it has been a great start to school! Creating an engaging classroom environment is so important for your students! 

Great Classrooms!

These are some Awesome Classrooms in my building.  I love visiting their rooms just to see what wonderful learning environments they have created for their students! It's a “home” for their students for the year!

Ms. Boles teaches 2nd Grade!

I love her flexible seating crates and her cute ABC rug! I love the colors she uses in her reading center. Look at that Lightbox! I’m addicted to them. They are so fun in the classroom!

Mrs. Showalter's 3rd Grade Class 
Mrs. Showalter has the cutest reading center!! I love it and so does her students! The coffee table adds such a cute touch, especially how she displays her books on it.  Her magazine racks are so useful. Who would have thought?  (I'm on the look out for some of those!)

Mrs. Hernandez teaches 4th grade!
She also has several flexible seating choices in her room. (She has even more now!) I love her color theme throughout her room. And she also has a LightBox!!! It’s so inviting! She already has her students’ family pictures up! Wow!!

My Classroom

   (After all those I shouldn’t even post mine!)
I have a lot of hard acts to follow, but I love working in a place that creates such an inviting environment for our students.  It just feels like home! Since I spend a lot of time there I want it to feel that way! I love bright colors!

My reading corner is my favorite place in my room! I love to read and love to BUY Books too!!! My shelves are full!! (I have a problem in this area! I might need a 12 step program to stop buying books!)

My Word Wall & Writing Center
I add all my content words to this word wall throughout the year! My writing center has fun scissors, markers, writing prompt cards, and paper for students to use during our Writer's Workshop! 

*I have a few flexible seating spots, but can't wait to add more! My students love sitting on the couch, director's chair, and the table. I just added a new Donorschoose Grant for some Gaiam Balance Balls! Fingers crossed!!

*Starting school is always such a tiring event!  We want our classrooms to be Just Right for our students. After the first few weeks we will have more energy! (and hopefully I won't need to eat as much chocolate!)

*Let me know... 
*What is your favorite spot in your classroom?
*Did you make any changes to your classroom this year?
*How do you use your Lightbox?