July 20, 2016

E3: Empowering Entrepreneurship Education Conference Notes

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E3: Empowering Entrepreneurship Education Conference

Tips from Entrepreneurs

     1.     Put yourself out there! Meet new people~ Networking! Never underestimate the power of networking!
    2.   Do it! Stick to it! Go for it!
    3.   Think outside the box. 
    4.   What makes an entrepreneur?  What are you good at?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?
6 Year Old Entrepreneur: Gumball Machines 
    5.   Teamwork~ Same goals, strong sense of belonging
    6.   Growing Social Media
    7.   Keep your options open
    8.   Hard Work
Teach students…
    ·       to be problem solvers   (Tinkering Labs are great for problem solving and critical thinking) 
    ·      to take risks
    ·      to think critically
    ·      to think about where they came from.  Have them tell their story.
 Give student the permission to THINK!

Have high expectations for your students.  They will meet us there! Expect the best!

Americans are natural entrepreneurs, we have the DNA of risk takers because we are the decedents of immigrants who are the ultimate risk takers. 

Sell me this box… (half cup of water)  Convince me to what to buy this! 
Give students permission to be engaged!

*My big takeaway from the conference was to give students the opportunities to become problem solvers and critical thinkers!  This will give them the tools to become entrepreneurs! 

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