June 7, 2016

Yay! It's summer break! I'm so excited and definitely need to get recharged.  Here some ways I plan on recharging this summer.  Of course, I will still have a daily To-Do List! 

The first thing I'm doing is spending some quality time with my family.  This weekend we went on our first hike this year to a waterfall. I really enjoyed spending time with them! Today we went on a six mile hike around the lake! I don't know that I was ready for that one. (Tomorrow I might stay in bed all day, but it's summer and I can!!)  

The second thing I'm doing to recharge is to make time for me! I need to take the time to read my Bible daily and have some quiet prayer time. Also I have been trying to make time to work out everyday.  Usually taking care of me is the last thing on my To-Do List, but this summer it is a must! 
Read! I love relaxing and reading children's literature.  I have a stack of books to read!! Yay! I love it.  

Thanks for Glimmers of Learning for making me stop and think about how I need to recharge.  Click here to see how other teachers recharge! 


  1. Your daughters are beautiful!! That hike looks so fun!!

  2. We love hiking on weekends too! The waterfall looks beautiful! Hope you have a great summer!
    Big Ideas For Little Hands

  3. Beautiful photo of your family by the waterfall!! Enjoy the summer!

  4. You have a great summer plan! I brought home several children's literature books to read over the summer, too! It's how I justify time spent at the pool. If you ever want to collaborate on reviews of the books we've read, let me know! A Kiddy Lit Linky is what I have in mind.

    Grade 2 Hullabaloo