February 17, 2016

Today's Field Trip

Field Trip Fun
We had a great day of learning outside our classroom today.  We visited Crystal Bridges Art Museum and the Wal-Mart Museum in Bentonville.

 Crystal Bridges: Students loved looking at art and telling the story of it.  
Students made up stories about what was happening during the painting.  Their stories were very creative! 
Wal-Mart Museum: Students learned about Sam Walton’s life and how Wal-Mart expanded from the 5& Dime to a major retail giant.  Students read and watched videos about how Wal-Mart started and how it has expanded to many countries. Students looked into Sam Walton's office where the entrepreneur made the decisions that impacted the retail world as we know it.  My students also enjoyed the ice-cream shop next door. 

The values of field trips are immeasurable! Field trips give students experiences!