January 22, 2016

Science! Science! Science! Wind Tunnel Creations & Penny Experiments

Wow! What a great two weeks of science and STEM activities.  
Last week, we had a fun afternoon of building Creations that could hover between two points in a wind tube.  Students worked in groups to plan, predict, test, and retest their creations. I loved seeing their faces as they tested their hovers! 
            Physical Science: This week we did a penny Lab to see chemical changes. Students observed their pennies after leaving them in vinegar.  
Students poured vinegar on a paper towel & used modeling clay to hold up a penny.  Students then placed a cup over it.  Students observed the changes to their pennies. 

After students observed the original experiment they then made up their own questions to test.  
Some of the students’ questions were: 
  • What would happen to a nickel?  
  • What if we soaked a penny in vinegar?  
  • What if we taped a penny to the top of a cup?  

patina on the penny 
Students looked at their pennies under the microscopes and our class microscope that projects on the whiteboard.  Students loved seeing the chemical changes. I feel liked this activity made students really understand that chemical changes change the molecular structure.  
My students enjoyed testing their own experiments. 

Students read Why is the Statue of Liberty is green? There was a great article on Wonderopolis. This is a great literature connection. http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/why-is-the-statue-of-liberty-green 
Science is a great way to engage students in learning.  Giving students the opportunities to explore & observe makes learning FUN!!       


  1. Really cool hands on science using stuff they see every day! I really like the extension towards the Statue of Liberty as well, super cool!

  2. I absolutely love seeing students engaged in their learning activities! STEAM has been a great experience for my students this year, too. Thank you for sharing your experiment. The pictures are great! It looks like your students had a wonderful time.