August 8, 2015

Creating a Classroom for Success~ Our Classroom Library

Classroom Library:   

        Another one of my favorite areas in my classroom is the “Classroom Library”. I love books! All kinds of books: picture books, chapter books, books in a series, biographies, mysteries, etc.                                      It’s important to make your classroom library an inviting place where students want to visit and read!  Since I was a student that didn’t like to read, it is so important for me to “hook” my students with good books.  That being said I have to know my books and have them organized to be able to find my books.  I organize my books by author’s last name.  I used paint sticks and painted them.  Then I placed a letter on the end and glazed over it.  This helps my class librarians put up the books.

I also have a comfy spot~ the black pleather coach.  I love it because it wipes off very easily.  I have cards that are labeled with different topics to mark my picture book areas.  This makes it much easier when looking for a content book for a lesson.  (Some topics are: Weather, Rocks and Minerals, History, Biographies, Inventions, Animals, Insects, Economics)

Paint Sticks with Sticker Letters

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