July 8, 2015

Creating a Classroom of Entrepreneurs

      Teaching students entrepreneurial skills is important for them to be successful in today’s global economy.  Students may not understand all the details of how to run a business but they can begin to develop a basic understanding of it. Teaching students about entrepreneurs will give them a variety of skills that will be important throughout life!
Here are a few tips to in teaching Entrepreneurship
1st:  Assess what students think about entrepreneurs
I need a starting point to know my students’ prior knowledge.

Click here for Draw an Entrepreneur Freebie!

Click here for the Freebie 
“When I think of an entrepreneur I think of

2nd:  Research famous entrepreneurs
Teach students the characteristics of entrepreneurs.
3rd Reading Children’s Literature:
When you read books like Frindle, Lunch Money, Lawn Boy, and Lemonade Wars students make connections with the characters.  Students relate to the characters and then start to see themselves as an entrepreneur. 
4th Start School Businesses
       Students can open a flower shop before Mother’s Day or run a Lemonade Stand during a school function. 

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