June 1, 2015

The Last Day of School

 The last day of school is always bittersweet.  SUMMER is HERE! Vacation; time to SLEEP IN and to do all the home projects that have been put off all year!  Time to spend with family and friends ~but also to REFLECT and PLAN for the next school year!!

As a teacher, I always have a feeling of~ I WISH I could have done more! I’m not finished with my (school) kiddos yet.   I never feel like the year is complete.  We still have books to read and projects to do. This year marks the end of my 18th year!  (Wow! That makes me sound old!)  Every year I have the same feeling~ the heart tug of missing my kiddos!  And letting them go on to the next grade. 

Today after reading Oh the Places You Will Go by Dr. Seuss, and looking into my students’ bright eyes, I believe their opportunities are ENDLESS! Oh the places they will go!! I can’t even imagine some of the jobs my students’ will have because they haven’t even been invented yet!  Oh the Places they will go~ And I got to be part of that journey!! I feel so blessed!  That makes all the difference! 

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