June 29, 2015

North American Monarch Institute: Learning about Monarchs!

Science Resources (Yay! Teachers love new resources)

North American Monarch Institute:

I’m so excited about learning about Monarchs! Wings Across America is a US Forest Service Program that teaches teachers to integrate Monarch and environment science into their classrooms. 

Milkweed:  without milkweed you won't have any Monarchs. There are many different types of Milkweed, depending on the region you live in! 

Monarch Eggs 

  • Monarch butterflies lay 100- 300 eggs in a lifetime.
  • The caterpillar eats the egg after it emerges. 


Caterpillar Observations

Gains 2,000 x their body mass in ten days
 Butterflies  4 Stages

Stages 1:  Breeding
Stages 2: Fall Migration 
Stage 3: Overwintering
Stage 4: Spring Migration

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  1. Lisa, this looks great! You are a Butterfly Nanny - BGO aren't you?
    I can't wait to work with your kids in the garden this year! I'm planning on having Garden Club afterschool on Tuesdays this year. You will have to help me know what new things to do with the kids!