March 7, 2015

Civil War Unit

My students have loved learning about the Civil War!  Students researched, read books, and watch video clips learning about important people and events of the war.  Students then wrote free verse poems from the perspective of someone in the Civil War.  I was so impressed with the content of the poems and how passionate my students shared them.  The vocabulary that my students used painted vivid pictures of our nation's history!

I would love for you to click here to see my Civil War Unit!
Once More

By : Thomas

As I felt the crumble of the ground, 
Bam! shots fired!

Cannon shells from the sky, 
It only took me seconds to

realized I was paralyzed
All I heard were screams of pain

and gunfire, 
Just wishing I could see my family
once more. 
The smell of nature only frightens me. 
But only if I could see again
I knew the soldiers and I 
would taste


 The Fire By: Silas
   The wafting, rotten scent of Death
And the gory sight of mangled limbs
Was nothing
Compared to the burning hatred
All around me
An inferno, that sears not the skin
But the soul.
Loss and destruction only
Rekindles the burning Flame
But instead of ash
I smell blood
The remains of what stands
In The Fire’s way
The screams are piercing
As searing hot as The Flame
As if they are already dead.
The nurses tell me they are alive
But Death has their spirits.                          
Violence doesn’t extinguish
But resurrects, like a phoenix,
Risen from the ashes
Feasting on pain and suffering
I see it all of this
As I plummet to the ground
Momentarily, all that pain
Manifests in the deepest pit in my soul
The vessel that the pain inhabits
Is none other than a musket ball.
For a second I’m falling, screaming
The next I’m floating, the fire extinguished from my soul
going to meet Grandfather
Once again.

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