October 6, 2014

STEM Wind Car Activity~ Adding Economics

Students loved constructing their Wind Cars as they learned important STEM concepts as well as economics.  Students measured the distance their cars traveled using one breath.  Students collected their data and then found the mode, median, mean, and range.  

October 2, 2014

Learning How to Use Technology Efficiently and Effectively in the Classroom

Technology is always engaging to students, but how do I use it efficiently and effectively?  I'm starting the journey of incorporating Chromebooks into my classroom.  Today students used their Chromebooks to interact through the website Today's Meethttps://todaysmeet.com/home.  Students were reading in literature circles but instead of filling out their graphic organizer, they collaborated through the website.  Students asked questions, typed hard words, and shared their favorite parts.  

 Students seemed to enjoy this activity, but the real test will be when I assess if they comprehended their books.  It's important to me to use technology in a way that is effective in the learning process.  Not just using technology because its technology!  Reading is thinking and students were thinking about their books as they responded to their peers about their texts.

Great Website~ For Children's Books

Thanks Mrs. Stark for sharing

October 1, 2014

Fluency Folders for Upper Grades

Fluency is important for students in upper grades to continue to work on.  Fluency is not a skill that is necessarily mastered in the early years.  Students in upper grades can practice fluency while learning important content knowledge.  Fluency Folders for Upper Grades is a collection of poems, historical speeches, quotes, and songs that can hold the interest of upper grade level students while practicing their fluency.