April 26, 2014

Shaw Star Lock-in~ A Night We Will Never Forget

Shaw Star Lock-IN, Rock-IN
What a night!  Our students came back to school at 6:30 Friday night for our first ever lock-in.
Parents checking their kids in!  It looked like Black Friday!  The kids were ready and the teachers were a little uncertain (nervous, scared to death) on what the night would hold.  

Getting ready for the pizza and listening to the rules.  

Glow In the Dark 

Stars Looking at the Stars, Jupiter, and Mars! 

Dodge Ball at 3:00 AM  Teachers vs. Kids
You would think they would take it easy on us!! NOPE! 

Give me S'More of that Lock-In Rock In!!! 
I'm so happy to be at a school that makes learning fun and gives kids experiences they will never forget!  Teaching is about building relationships and making a difference in lives of children.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to get to be a part of these amazing kids lives!  Someday soon, when  they are the leaders of our country I will say I was their teacher!! I hope that I have been a teacher that they will never forget!  BECAUSE that will make all the DIFFERENCE! 

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