February 9, 2014

Field Trip Experiences

I love the thought of field trips~ giving kids great experiences that connect to the content you're learning about in the classroom, but 3 hours on a bus with over fifty kids can be a wild experience!  No really, we had a great time on our fifth grade field trip, but I was glad to have a few extra snow days to recoup. (Maybe in my college days I could have kept up better!) 
Our fifth grade classes traveled to Little Rock to visit our state capitol and to tour Central High School.  
Our students had learned about the Civil Rights Movement and how schools were segregated in the south.  Students walked in the path of the Little Rock Nine and opened the same doors that they had opened.  I feel like this experience brought my students’ learning to life!  Students sat engaged as the tour guide told stories of how the students had been mistreated.  Students then visited the museum at the Central High School National State Park and learned more about this time in history. 

We also visited the Heifer International’s Ranch.  Students visited the countries around the world as they learned about their needs and the way that people in other countries live. 

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Field trips are a great way to making learning fun!  It gives all students the same experience to write about and it connects classroom learning to real world events! RELEVANCE~REAL~ and you definitely build RELATIONSHIPS!!!!

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