January 18, 2014

How to Build a Snowman

"How to build a snowman" is a common prompt given in many classrooms during the winter.  Anna Claire is in 2nd grade and several weeks ago her teacher had her write to this prompt for a Quick Write.
Anna had forgotten that she had ever built a snowman before, since the last couple years we haven't had as much snow. Thinking about this I realized that students need experiences to be able to write using good details and examples.  A few days later it snowed and Anna was given the opportunity to build a snowman! I had her write a story about building it.  She came up with many details and examples in her writing. (The joy of having a teacher as a mom!) Students must have experiences to be able to write!  The question I have now is… How do I as a teacher give my students more experiences to write about?

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