January 18, 2014

How to Build a Snowman

"How to build a snowman" is a common prompt given in many classrooms during the winter.  Anna Claire is in 2nd grade and several weeks ago her teacher had her write to this prompt for a Quick Write.
Anna had forgotten that she had ever built a snowman before, since the last couple years we haven't had as much snow. Thinking about this I realized that students need experiences to be able to write using good details and examples.  A few days later it snowed and Anna was given the opportunity to build a snowman! I had her write a story about building it.  She came up with many details and examples in her writing. (The joy of having a teacher as a mom!) Students must have experiences to be able to write!  The question I have now is… How do I as a teacher give my students more experiences to write about?

January 9, 2014

Brain Breaks



Philosophy in Education

My philosophy in education is always evolving and changing.  It helps guide me through my professional journey!  I believe all students can learn and will learn when we remove the obstacles that challenge them! Building relationship, teaching a relevant, and rigorous curriculum are all crucial in preparing students to be competitive in a global marketplace. As a professional, I feel that it is my job to always improve my teaching strategies and to continue learning how to be a better teacher!