November 26, 2013

Star Shine News (SSN)

Star Shine News

 Shaw Star News (SSN): My students plan, anchor, and film the school newscast daily.  My students are given a job daily.  

·      News Anchors Guest Speakers: A local news anchor visited our classroom to give Shaw Star News advice on how to improve their broadcasting skills.  Students researched the anchor prior to the visit and had questions prepared to ask him about his jobs. 

November 25, 2013

Owl Pellet Lab

Students always love the Owl Pellet Lab!  They love digging through the hair and fur to find the skeletons of the prey of the Barn Owl.  Today most of the pellets had rodents in them.  The students identified the rodents' big teeth. They were so amazed at how they could really identify the prey.  Seeing my students so engaged and excited about learning makes being a teacher the best job ever!!!!

Students' Responses:

That...was...awesome! Doing owl pellets! Well,let's just say I learned a lot. Not only did I learn what barn owls eat but I also learned how they eat.I learned that they eat rodents, shrews, birds, and moles. This is a once in a life time experience. All in all, I learned a lot and had fun while doing it.
~ Kaitlyn, Fourth grader

Owl pellets were amazing! I loved looking at the skulls and seeing how an owls prey works before its eaten. Its my has been my favorite activty I have done all year and I cant wait to owl pellets again.
                               ~ Carson a Fifth Grader

During the Owl Pellet lab I learned alot and had a hypothosis afterwards. I learned that some Owl Pellets are soft and easy to open but others are rock hard and took a while to open. My hypothosis now is that it is easier for Barn Owls to prey on rodents other than anything else? One reason, I think that is because most of my class had rodents in their Owl Pellets and only one Owl Pellet had a bird.                                                              ~Janson a fifth grader

    Owl Pellets they were a lot of fun. You learned what they eat. Also you learned many ways to dissect a owl pellet. And that does not come out the back end but the front. All in all, it a lot fun and we learned a lot too.  We succesfully did not make Mrs. Taylors eyes pop out, so bonus. :)
~Jackson 5th grader
      I learned alot about food webs & food chains. I feel it would be better disecting online or watching a video because if you"re anything like me looking at bones just isn't your thing. It was a great experience though and I loved it!
~ Payton  5th  grade