February 6, 2018

February STEM Challenges and Winter Games STEM Challenges

Valentine’s Day Fun:  Some of my favorite STEM activities are Valentine’s Day related.  Students get excited during holiday seasons, and there is nothing like keeping them engaged using a STEM activity.
Valentine's Day STEM Challenges are a fun way to engage students in learning.  I love using Conversation Hearts! They are cheap! It’s way too easy to spend too much money in the classroom, so I try to find items that are easy to find and not too expensive.  Taking students through the Science Process while engaging them in fun Valentine’s Day Activities helps them stay excited while somewhat under control. 

Get ready for the Winter GAMES!!! I love watching the Olympic Games. 
I also love bringing sports into my classroom! During the Winter Games, I use a lot of the scores and times to write real word math problems. (They are great for adding, subtracting, and comparing decimals!)  I also use the activities as STEM Challenges.  Check out my Winter GamesSTEM Challenge Bundle!!
Teaching the parts of Circles

I also use https://wonderopolis.org to give students information about the Olympics and different winter sports. This is a great way to bring in nonfiction text to your project!  

Another fun activity is Valentine’s Day Coding! Students work with binary coding as they make Valentine’s Day word bracelets. This is a great activity to meet your Computer Science Standards. 

November 16, 2017

Christmas STEM: Ways to Engage Your Students Before the Holidays!

It’s important to keep your students engaged during the holiday season. Some of the best ways to keep your students learning and to prevent behavior problems is to engage them in STEM Christmas activities.  Students love STEM Christmas Challenges.  Here are a few of my favorites, they are easy to implement and my students loved them.

1.   Christmas Tree Challenge:  Students will construct Christmas trees using Spice Drops and tooth picks.  Students will have a limited number of resources and will have to make decisions while constructing their Christmas Trees. 
2.   Christmas Present or Snowball Catapults:  Students will design, create, engineer, and test a catapult that can deliver gifts to faraway places.
3.    Christmas Tree Challenge: Students will build Christmas Trees using candy canes. 
4.   Christmas Tree Cup Challenge:   Students will build a Christmas Tree using small cups.  The goal is to build the tallest tree possible and to see how many pom-pom balls it can hold.
5.   Newspaper Christmas Tree Challenge: Students will build the tallest Christmas Tree possible using 5 sheets of newspaper and a limited amount of tape.
Click here to check out STEM Christmas Activities.  

Christmas Light Circuits: 
STEM Christmas Light Circuits is collection of resources that will help your students experiment while learning about circuits. Students love exploring as they learn. 

 Click here to check out Christmas Light Circuits

are a great way for students to reinforce their math skills and review previous learned concepts. Students will work on place value, decimals, multi-digit multiplication, adding and subtraction fractions, fraction word problems, volume, and basic operations. These worksheets can also help prepare students for standardized testing. 

Upper Grades Christmas No Prep Packet will make the weeks before Christmas Break a breeze!! Add some new Christmas songs to your poetry folders to increase students' fluency. Also add some holiday flair to your math word problems for upper grades. Students will enjoy learning while they are thinking about the holiday season. Writing Prompts and “Make as Many Words” sheets are included. Click here to check out Upper Grades Christmas No Prep Packet

ChristmasWriting Prompt Cards are a great resource for your writing center. Simply copy the prompts on card stock and put a ring in the top corner. Place these cards in your writing center to give students who struggle with coming up with topics to write about a helping hand! There are 24 different Christmas themed writing prompts that will help your students engage in writing while celebrating the Christmas holiday!  

Christmas Writing Prompts are on lined paper. NO PREP! All you have to do is copy!!! This is a great resource for your writing center or just to get your students excited about writing about the Christmas Holiday.  There are also 3 blank lined writing sheets.