March 12, 2017

Teaching STEM in Your Classroom Part 1

Teaching STEM in Your Classroom
STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are critical skills our students must have to be successful.   As teachers we don’t even know the jobs that will be available when our students are grown.  It is up to us to teach our students how to think “Out of the Box.”  This movie clip really spoke volumes to me when I saw it. (movie clip)  The scientist and engineers only had what was in the box to fix a problem.  Giving our students challenges like that daily or weekly in our classrooms will prepare them to think differently, to think creatively! It will also prepare our students to work in groups, to learn to compromise, and to learn how to communicate.  These are all skills that are essential in preparing our students for the future. 
Thats why as a fifth grade teacher, I incorporate STEM challenges into my classroom as often as possible! Teaching STEM is fun and engages my students in learning that will prepare them for the future. 

How to start integrate STEM into your classroom? 
Just know it doesn’t always look pretty.  Sometimes you have “JUNK’ everywhere.  During those times, I don’t post pictures to my Instagram page.   Teaching students to clean up after their project is over is also important.  Organization becomes key to clean up. 

How do I store my stuff so my students 
can access it when needed?  
I have found that an organizer works for your basics stuff.  I do have a plastic tub filled with extra stuff.  Students can rummage around in to find something if needed.  STEM teachers become collectors of “Junk”  saving paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, lids for containers, plastic bags, and much more. It's important to see what things can become through a child's eyes! Let your students explore, design, create, and have fun!!!! 

This is a great book that will promote one of my March STEM Projects! 

March 5, 2017

$400 Gift Card Pot of Gold for Teachers

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February 4, 2017

Valentine's Day in Upper Grades

Valentine’s Day Giveaway
       We love teachers! Thank you Kelie Hall, for inviting us and organizing our blog hop! I can't wait to see what everyone does for Valentine's Day! 
       Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite school holidays!  Yes, it can be a little challenging with all the excitement, but the key is to channel their energy into fun academic activities! Students can have fun and be learning important skills at the same time! 
       Valentine STEM Activities are a fun way to engage students in learning.  I love using Conversation Hearts! They are cheap! It’s way to easy to spend too much money in the classroom, so I try to find items that are easy to find and not too expensive.  Taking students through the Science Process while engaging them in fun Valentine’s Day Activities helps them stay excited while somewhat under control. 

        Another fun activity is Building Eiffel Towers! Students use newspaper to construct a statue similar to the Eiffel Tower.  Their towers must stand and resemble the Eiffel Tower.  I’m always amazed at how creative my students can be.  So fun! 
      I hope you are enjoying the Blog Hop and Giveaway! Don't forget to hop to the next blog and enter the Rafflecopter! 
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December 22, 2016

Fun & Engaging STEM Winter Activities

   Getting students engaged after a long break sometimes can be a little tricky! But January Winter STEM Activities includes five different STEM challenges that your students will love! Students plan, design, engineer, solve problems, and collect data as they are having fun during the winter season.  Students are also learning many important math and science concepts!

My students are always so engaged when observing the changes that happen outdoors during the winter months. Teaching students about nature and how that during the winter months birds have a scarcity of food is extremely important. Students design and create bird feeders using recycled materials.  Students get to solve a real problem by creating ways to feed the birds during the winter months.  My students loved this activity so much several of them started researching more about birds! 

Another fun experiment to do with your students during the winter months is conducting a glove experiment based on colors.  Students measure the temperatures on the different gloves throughout the day!  Students get to see how different colors absorb the light. 

Winter Road Safety Experiment is an experiment that students can test how different substances melt ice.  Students will conduct experiments and test their questions. 

STEM Cable Car Project is one of my favorite STEM projects.  Students learn and design a cable car that will travel a distance safety carrying a passenger.  Several of my students had been on a cable car before so they had some prior knowledge of how cable cars work.  I showed a picture of a cable car before my students started designed their cable cars.  My students designed, created, tested, and redesigned their cable cars.  My students loved seeing how their cable cars performed and how their passengers traveled throughout the journey!

Activity 1: Students build bird feeders using recycled materials
Activity 2: Students conduct a glove experiment based on color
Activity 3: Students conduct a glove experiment based on type "How warm are your gloves?"
Activity 4: Students conduct a Winter Road Safety Experiment

Activity 5: Students construct Cable Cars that can safely transport a passenger.
Getting students excited about their learning is so important!  Students learned many important concepts throughout these STEM projects.  Students measured, collected data, and learned about how matter interacts with different substances.