August 20, 2017

First Week of School

What a Great 1st Week of School
What a great week of learning.  One of our favorite STEM projects was building Pencil Towers. Students learned the importance of working together to complete a task. Students design, engineered, and constructed pencil towers. 

 Only at the beginning of the year would we have enough pencils for everyone to do this activity at once.  If you want to checkout these activities click here!

 *Next time we will start the towers on the floor! Always learning! 
Our Quote of the Week: 

Our Word of the Week: Effort

What a great week!!! There is no tired like teacher tired!!! #B2S2017

July 25, 2017

Classroom Update with a Free Printout for Open House

STEM Station
Organization is the key in making STEM activities easier!

·      Students can get their materials and clean up when materials are clearly labeled and easy to access.
·      Key items to have in your STEM cart: cardboard paper rolls, marbles, paperclips, cups, tape, craft sticks, string, cotton balls, straws, rubber bands, toothpicks, ping pong balls, cards, index cards, pipe cleaners, balloons, modeling clay, spoons, & lids.
·      Check out the labels HERE!

Chalkboard Display boards: I don’t always like how my handwriting looks, so I print out quotes to display on the boards.  I glued a clothespin and ribbon to the boards to dress them up a little.  

Get Ready of Open House!
Click here for a FREE Printout!